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Our Projects

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Financial Market Infrastructure

We developed a strategy for an East African client which focused on the financial services sector as a primary driver of GDP growth. 

HDXe Platform: A dedicated server/cloud-based enterprise blockchain solution, was allocated for the project to establish a platform for transparent payments, trade finance, and robust AML/CFT functionality.. Affine developed a parallel 'virtual central bank' for the issuance of bills and bonds denominated in Special Drawing Rights


Renewable Energy

Our team has considerable experience in the structuring of renewable energy transactions from Utility Scale Solar to off grid distributed networks.

We have completed almost 100 advisory mandates from small consultations on Carbon Pricing in environmental markets to building big data pipelines for utility scale solar projects. 


Our goal in emerging markets is to aggregate small projects into larger pools for securitization to lower the blended cost of capital for social benefit. .


Brain Scans


Designed a "Digital Doctor" using A.I. and Machine Learning in response to the COVID19 pandemic. 

We are grateful to our partners IBM and NVIDIA, who contributed both knowledge and computing resources and MIT for hosting out demonstration. 

Communication Tower


Technical Design for the Digitization of Wholesale Roaming Agreements for a Telco Consortium.

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