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Connecting Developed And Developing Markets

Affine Group Limited is:

  • The UK holding company for a portfolio of businesses, assets and projects connected with distributed blockchain cloud architecture. 

  • The ecosystem hub of technology companies, exchanges and a US bank. 

Our mission is to develop a global platform for the trading of tokenized digital securities to connect already established markets with frontier and emerging markets.


Our journey started started on 3 March 2016 and the first phase was completed on 2 July 2019. 

We are now connected to US financial market infrastructure, offering either a full or modularized ‘Tokenisation as a Service’ service.  


Tokenization of Securities

We consider how assets are exchanged. If our solution stands to gain from a faster transaction settlement, reduced counterparty risk or increased liquidity of the assets.  Tokenization then becomes a viable option.


Tokenization permits assets like stocks or mortgages, to be traded in real time.  Traditionally the process for stocks and mortgages is complicated and time-consuming, with the added steps of waiting for documentation or settlement transfer of ownership.


Tokenization also allows for fractional ownership of assets; if an asset is too large of an investment for one investor or offers too much risk, then the cost and risk can be distributed among multiple token holders. Large-scale, illiquid assets are much more liquid when broken up into smaller units than when they are whole.

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